Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 1: Mission Accomplished! Painting: Out of Nature


So I totally thought this one was going to be a throw away from the beginning. It started out as a basic drawing with watercolor pencils. When I started to paint though, it just started to come together and blend in all the right places.

So day 1 is a success. I've listed the original in my etsy shop, and have also made prints available. I also posted to my redbubble account and got a comment within 5 minutes of posting so its getting some good reactions. For day 1, the challenge is going great. For now....

I currently have a 24x30" gallery wrapped blank canvas staring menacingly at me from my new easel. This will be the biggest painting I've done so far. Every time I look at it I try to imagine what it will look like and nothing comes to mind. I will stick to the smaller stuff for now until I am inspired and sure about what my subject will be.

I'd also like to make a quick amendment to the "rules" of this challenge. I will be posting a new piece of artwork everyday. I do not necissarily have to finish an entire painting in that one day though. I mean, come on let's be reasonable. Some of the techniques require that a painting dry within 24 hours. But as long as I am listing a NEW piece everyday, at least you know I am actively painting everyday. I will also be posting progress photos of the bigger works I am working on, so keep reading daily!

Ok now that I've rambled on, please take a look at the actualy piece of art (if you've even made it to the bottom of this which would be very surprising lol it's ok I understand.)

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