Friday, February 19, 2010


I am so pleased today. I got to work and immediately checked my etsy account (to see if anything had changed in those fifteen minutes it took me to get to work) and I couldn't believe my eyes! I made two sales! A print of my watercolor floral "Out Of nature" and my ACEO "Line of Asymmetry" Needless to say this has been a very good day for me- I'm up to a whopping three sales now!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Painting One A

Aaaaannnd I failed.... within the first week. But really what was I thinking one painting a day? Now I'm revising (as I have said in the past... I can really make up the rules as I go along... this is an experiment and situations change so I have to change with them.) my strategy. It's quality I want people to see in my work- not quantity. Maybe if I were able to stay home all day, maybe if I didn't have a full-time job, and go to school at night and on Saturdays this would be do-able but my friends- as it is right now- it is NOT do-able.

But one painting per week IS do-able and not just one painting, but one BIG painting. I want to focus on the large canvases for a while to build up a portfolio, and maybe have something to actually show at a gallery someday. So I hope you're not terribly disappointed by my failure to comlpete one painting per day for a year... I was doing pretty good those first four days right??

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Cheese Stands Alone

The Cheese Stands Alone, and an Abstract landscape completed tonight for days five and six. Ok, so I know The Cheese Stands Alone is lacking a little bit in the quality department- but I am very tired. The rules never stated I had to post a "GOOD" painting everyday. Besided I'm the only writer (and probably the only reader) of this blog so I can change the rules whenever it pleases me. :) Thanks for viewing my artwork tonight. Until tomorrow...

P.S. The Cheese Stands Alone will not be for sale on etsy for obvious reasons ;)

Power Outage

Sorry about the no call no show yesterday- my power was out which means my lights and internet. Will do 2 tonight to make up!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day Four Complete: Abstract Acrylic Landscape

I promised no watercolor floral this time. No, this is a 24x30 gallery wrapped abstract landscape. Media: Acrylic. Sorry about the horrible picture- it's nightime and there's no good light in my apartment. It looks way better in person and I wish you all could see it! Find this painting for sale in my etsy shop- prints coming soon!

Waiting For The Paint to Dry...

I've been working on day four's painting for about two hours now, and I'm about halfway done. I'm just waiting for the paint to dry so I can add yet another layer, so I thought I'd show off someone else's' work that I admire. This painting is called Newfangle (which is just clever) and is by "Mossmottle". It is a 13 x17" beauty on masonite and can be purchased for $150.00.

Check back tonight to see day four's finished product!!

Day Four Begins: Great Video Find!

I've Decided to go with an abstract landscape today on my large canvas... Check back this evening to see how it turns out! I rented a really good video featuring Kerin McBride on Amazon. It gave me some good tips and helped me get over the fear of failure. Only $1.99 for a 7 day rental could turn out to be a very good investment for me!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day Three Painting Complete: Orange Flower

Ok, so I know what you're thinking before you even read this. Another watercolor? And not only that; A watercolor FLORAL? Come on Margo, this is so cliche right? Wrong.

I spent two hours in front of a canvas with no inspiration whatsoever. I'm sure it happened to Van Gogh and Monet too so get off my back. My head was still spinning from making my first sale tonight so I went with this.

My Acrylic Revolution book is on its way to me as I type, via air mail courtesy of There will be no more watercolor florals for a while. Tomorrow I have the day off, and according to the weather channel I will be snowed in all day. Nothing to do but paint, so tune in tomorrow...

First Art Sale!!

I made my first sale today on Etsy and I'm soooo excited! I would like to thank Banjobaysoaps for the purchase of yesterday's Fantasia Goldfish ACEO! The Etsy Chats have been a big help, the 5 min. Featured Seller rooms are a great way to encourage people to buy your products, and just socialize and have fun. So excited, going to package it right now!

Getting Ready for Day Three...

I've been purusing youtube videos for some tutorials, but my ADD is kicking in to I think I'm just going to wing it tonight and maybe to an abstract... perhaps another floral watercolor? I don't know yet but tune in later to find out!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Day Two: Fantasia

When I was a little girl, one of my favorite Disney movies was Fantasia. All the colors and fascinating creatures dancing and flowing in sync with the music stunned me. My favorite scene was the goldfish. Their long, flowing orange tails, their crimson lips were so sensual and I knew it even at seven years old. I never forgot them, and often found myself mindlessly doodling goldfish on my notes all through high school. When I turned eighteen, I decided to get a tattoo. I decided I wanted to get one of these goldfish on my lower back and to this day I cannot tell you why, but I don't regret it!

I have noticed that a lot of the things in life that have had an impact on me have absolutely no direct relation to anything in my life. It is a mystery to me why I have been infatuated with these images of goldfish since I was a girl. That is why art exists: To express the things we cannot explain.

So tonight, (after i finished a hard day's work and a gruelling psych. exam) I decided to go with what I know and paint one of these alluring and mysterious creatures. It may not be the masterpiece of a lifetime but all in all I say I made some progress in today's artistic journey. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 1: Mission Accomplished! Painting: Out of Nature


So I totally thought this one was going to be a throw away from the beginning. It started out as a basic drawing with watercolor pencils. When I started to paint though, it just started to come together and blend in all the right places.

So day 1 is a success. I've listed the original in my etsy shop, and have also made prints available. I also posted to my redbubble account and got a comment within 5 minutes of posting so its getting some good reactions. For day 1, the challenge is going great. For now....

I currently have a 24x30" gallery wrapped blank canvas staring menacingly at me from my new easel. This will be the biggest painting I've done so far. Every time I look at it I try to imagine what it will look like and nothing comes to mind. I will stick to the smaller stuff for now until I am inspired and sure about what my subject will be.

I'd also like to make a quick amendment to the "rules" of this challenge. I will be posting a new piece of artwork everyday. I do not necissarily have to finish an entire painting in that one day though. I mean, come on let's be reasonable. Some of the techniques require that a painting dry within 24 hours. But as long as I am listing a NEW piece everyday, at least you know I am actively painting everyday. I will also be posting progress photos of the bigger works I am working on, so keep reading daily!

Ok now that I've rambled on, please take a look at the actualy piece of art (if you've even made it to the bottom of this which would be very surprising lol it's ok I understand.)

Day One: Introduction

This blog is a challenge for me to complete one painting per day for a year. That's 365 works. Why am I doing this you ask? It's not that I need something to do-being a full time worker and part time student pretty much takes up all that extra "energy and free time" people keep talking about.

I guess I am doing this because I really love painting and want to become better and better at it. I just ordered a great book from amazon, Acrylic Revolution and should have it by Tuesday.

I've been painting for a few months now, and I want to learn and practice more and more- but with limited time and knowledge I can only go so far. Not having the time to take and art class (which would be a normal person's approach an who wants that anyways) I will watch videos on youtube, buy art books on amazon, blog, and even paint by freaking number if I have to! (Though I hope it will never come to that.)

Oh- and I am also attempting to run a jewelry business on the side. I am currently in the process of developing some great pieces that will be finished just in time for them to go out of style.

But I digress... This blog is not about the jewelry, it is about the painting. I will also be featuring one painting per week from other artists that I admire. I have my current paintings up in my Etsy shop for your viewing pleasure. I would love any comments or critiques that you may have. This is going to be an exiting year. Creating one painting per day and sharing it with my readers. (Hopefully there will be readers).